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Frontpage Web Hosting
By Web Host Addict | Published  06/20/2006 | Web Hosting |

FrontPage web hosting is used to make a better site with higher flexibility and functions. FrontPage hosting contains professional design, data and publishing tools to create a dynamic website.

FrontPage Explained:
The commonly used software for designing of the website is FrontPage. The main feature of this software is that it helps you in creating small website without any knowledge to HTML. Only thing you need to do is to make the layout of design and the coding will be automatically done by FrontPage. When your site gets completed you can upload it on the server by clicking the button “publish site”. But for this you need FrontPage hosting.

For this firstly you need the server with Microsoft FrontPage, offered to prospective customer. If you need other scripting languages like PHP, ASP, and CGI then you have to find a web hosting company who can provide you all the desired languages. And if you need MySQL or Access database then you have to pay extra money for this. If you have hosted your site on FrontPage hosting then its provided feature enables you to amend your site through a set program with many functional peripherals. And you can change all the pages of your site only through touch a button system.

Advantages of FrontPage:
• On the server of FrontPage you will find unlimited java scripts, templates, images and solutions that are ready to start. With the features of FrontPage you can also change the format of the text written without learning or succession to style sheet. And these features will definitely help you and save your time if you are a beginner.
• Under the package of FrontPage the Microsoft visual basic script is also integrated. With the help of VB script you can also execute many functions on your site. Not only this, you can also do desired changes on the files straightforwardly by coding in a window on the server itself. When editing is over you can also browse the files on the design view and can also perform different screen resolutions on your files. But if we compare FrontPage to UNIX, You can only change the files of your website on your computer and then you can upload those files on to your server.

Disadvantages of FrontPage:
• Undoubtedly FrontPage provides many function and features to you to work on desired changes on your site, but once if you have created the site you can not move your site on to any other server unless and until you again start coding all the pages of your site. The major difference between FrontPage and other hosting servers is that FrontPage works on Microsoft windows Operating system whereas other server works on UNIX operating system. And this will be difficult for you as you might need to install extra modules on your site if it was not designed for windows.
• Not only this if you want your site accessible on other browsers like opera, fire fox, Netscape etc. then you need to code your site pages manually, no matter if your site is on installed FrontPage server. But you will not face much problem as most of the users Explore internet.

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