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Reliable Provider for Reseller Web Hosting
By Web Host Addict | Published  06/19/2006 | Web Hosting |
Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting means providing the space on the server by a mediator to the customer. Reseller host firstly purchase lot of space on any real provider’s server and then sell that space to customers and earn in between. Here provider also gets profit and sell its space to reseller for its business promotion. But some times I hear that resellers look for some other provider. It happens because provider does not give full service as he promised and reseller get pressure from there customers and when it’s uncontrollable they search other provider. And to choose the provider that sell reseller account is not a tough job as there are so many hosting companies which provide reseller account but it is a process which should be done with proper information.

The most important job that is done by a reseller before searching a new provider is to check the plan which is offered by the provider. There should be flexibility while you work as a reseller with any of the provider. And if you will read this article with full attention you will definitely get good help, if you are searching a new provider.

You will be surprised to know that reseller accounts are the best option for you if you are a web designer and want to host the site of some of your friends or if you want to start a business of web hosting. This article will surely help you to choose a reliable provider and to get established in web hosting industry. As changing host is not an easy job.

Downtimes You Face:
The most crucial reason for which reseller and host dispute occur is the problem of downtimes provided. Stretched and repeated downtime generally works very slowly for the duration of uptime and lack appropriate support and this makes reseller irritated and to move for the search of new host.

Sometimes slow speed and downtimes are inevitable; no host can provide can 100% downtime. Failure of hard drives, DDOS breakup, script problem, server crash etc. can happen at any time and can not be controlled fully. So here nobody is responsible, the only thing can be done is to minimize the problem.

Now here the matter to be discussed is how any company or real provider faces the problem and how he solves it. How fast and proficiently they can react to pressing calls. And if you need a good host and want to avoid the problem and also need the help of host at crucial times just check the rating of that company and read reviews of the customers of that company.

For this reason I favor the web hosting forums where customers can help each other and provide good and valuable information about any of the hosting company. And here you can receive positive advice before selecting any of the hosting company.

Support You Need:
Support is the very important feature of any hosting plan. Support is needed by client from its provider and reseller also needs support from his host. And for reseller support is very important as he may have hundreds of clients under his support. So support is needed for all 24 hours.

For resellers it is best to choose that host who provides his at least one phone number for emergency time. In my view talking on phone can work more efficiently than mailing to somebody and then waiting for response. And toll free number is the best advantage given by any of the hosting provider.

Support given by the provider are- if some times server gets crashed then it should not take days to respond. And it is good if you get response within few minutes after the problem. And the support given by the provider is can be provided through any of the medium like phone call, email, chat, or via messenger. This help should be given by a provider to his customers and also to his resellers.

Under support one more thing comes that every customer wants is clear and up to mark answer of his any query. And you can check whether the provider is helpful or not by asking questions before hosting any site and related to the development of your site or any thing which comes in your mind.

Reseller Accounts and Their Difference:
There is a lot of difference in reseller accounts like space, size, bandwidth, and other features. Price is also a difference, But in my view price should came at last. If all the features and services are same then choice on the basis of price can be done. And if there are some other differences like space, bandwidth, downtimes etc. you can find it out by yourself.

If you want to sell more bandwidth or space to your customer then you should select a host that allows you overselling by paying some extra rent. And if you do not want to sell over space or bandwidth you can choose the host which does not allow you to oversell these services. And of course you will be charged less rent for this none overselling. And you will get both types of providers in the web hosting industry.

You should not prefer overselling in my view but if you want to select provider who offers you overselling make sure that he will not shut down the sites for more consumption of bandwidth or downtimes without intimating them. This usually happens with a non responsible provider. And with this you may loose you’re your good customers and can face a huge loss. So oversell under special circumstances only.
And if you as a reseller overselling services wildly your server can at any time swamp down. But if your business is fully depend on overselling, then sell smartly, making profits, and to remain fit in competition but charge more for your space from your clients.

And if there as a reseller and overselling server crash problems occurs frequently your customer will not accept this thing and may leave you for poor downtimes. So it is best to choose a host who does not allow you overselling as a reseller. And if you want to become a reliable host then you should not get involved in overselling.

And a good host will always put a limit on the number of domains or websites on your space if you are overselling bandwidth, because to keep the things controllable. There are many providers overselling with no limit on number of domains like HTTPme and there are also providers who does not allow overselling and also put limit on the number of domains like AussieBob.

The limit put by provider on reseller for the number of domains indirectly put limit on overselling the bandwidth or downtimes and this restriction works pretty successfully. And if resellers are doing overselling up to maximum extent and made it a tendency the hosting company can not dash in long run.

If you are facing the limit of the domains on your account you will face the problem of inflexibility. And this may lead you to make your standing in the hosting market very tightly.

And you as a reseller can make the profit by choosing a company who enforce strict rules and do not offer custom plans as they are tough to handle. And as a reseller for you it is best to divide the bandwidth and space in any of the size you want. With this you can get the maximum advantage of elasticity, and can perform well in the cut throat competition.

Reseller- Name Privacy:
If you are a reseller then firstly you will buy space and bandwidth from the real provider and then you will sell it to your clients on higher rate. So the important thing you should keep hidden from your customers is that your providers name as they can directly move to your provider and can buy the same services in low price or lower monthly rent.

So always try to make this privacy on strict rules and regulations and I will tell you some tips to maintain this secret. If you give private name to your server then it can maintain your secret and will also provide you a business impact. You can give the name of your private server to your customers which of course should not hint the provider’s name. There are some hosts who charge additional rent for giving you a private name server. So be careful while selecting a host.

But if any how your customer is able to find the real provider and he asks you for confirmation then tell him the truth that you are a reseller. This will give you a better image and simple look. And also do not keep your server names like “your datacenter” this can drag your image if your original provider is found by any of the client. So if you are choosing a host as a reseller then in my view you should try for or as these providers does not allow overselling and also not put any restriction on the number of domains you are having or you are planning to have. And also you can have your choice too with my advice.

How to Become a Good Reseller:
If you want to become a successful host then you should offer a good business plan to your customers. I know that no body can work exactly according to the theory but if you work on the rules of a good plan then surely you will get success. And if you follow the conditions of your plan then you can not be deviated by another external force.

If you want to become a good provider as well you should provide your customer well answer when he needs from you and for this you should increase your knowledge regarding your business, and there is no matter if you are areseller because your client does not know that you are a reseller or the real provider. So you have to act like a real host. So be knowledgeable.

You should also know how to set up POP email account or how an email account is created in control panel if any customer asks you, do not rush to your real provider as he may get irritated if you ask these easy questions from him as a reseller.

Also keep reading new 5things related to your business or to hosting industry as this may help you in the long run of your business life. So know all the new things in other fields also as some day you might host your own server and become a real provider. So increase your knowledge in hardware, software, internet, web design, programming, marketing online, and many other fields so as to become a good host or I must say a successful host.

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