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How to find a reliable host
By Web Host Addict | Published  06/16/2006 | Web Hosting |
Choosing a hosting company

So, you are a beginner and want to host your site? But you are confused between many types of providers, their packages, their services. And you are also in difficulty while choosing a type of hosting like shared, dedicated, virtual, non-virtual, reseller virtual dedicated server and many more. So now itís a time to note some points which will help you while choosing a good host.

1. Uptime: Always check what uptime your provider is giving to you. Sometimes there is a problem in uptimes, related to server. A good provider not only checks and helps you in server related problems but he will also provide you a good uptime. If a hosting provider doesn't provides 99% uptime then you may stay away from the company.

2. Support: Always ask your provider whether he will give you support for 24 hours or not. If you ask a question related to your site problem and he takes days to answer, be sure he is not a reliable provider.

3. Bandwidth: Surely check the bandwidth provided to you. If your site is busy one and server gets down and users have problem while opening that site, itís a big problem for your business. It will lead you to a huge loss. Ask your provider for a good bandwidth. Also check the problems related to database. Database should be supportive; this will help you to increase your business.

4. Monthly Rent: Please compare the monthly rent charges with other providerís charges for the same services you are getting. Sometimes providers also charge extra monthly rent or over charging. Please go to that provider who offers you money back guarantee.

5. Top 10 providers: The easy way to check the best provider is, enter ďweb hostingĒ into any search engine and get the list of top ten providers, also check their rating. If there are more users with a provider and his rank is fourth, donít get confuse, move to that one only, he will surely provide you good services.

6. Read Web Hosting Reviews: Always read the reviews related to hosting. They will also provide you sufficient information about many hosts, and you will get some more points while choosing a web host.

7. Work Time: Always check the status of that host. Check for how long he has been working. If he is a developed one he will be good for your site.

8. Ask About Your Needs: Always ask the question related to your site, that what help the provider will provide during the services, if services are broken then how much time they will take, how they will improve your site if you are a business professional etc. A good host will surely answer your questions and will make you relaxed and tension free.

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