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Reseller Web Hosting
By Web Host Addict | Published  06/15/2006 | Web Hosting |
Reseller Hosting Guide

Do you want to know more about reseller web hosting? The primary host or the real hosts sell their services to the resellers and then resellers sell the space to the site owners. Resellers purchase a huge bulk of space from the real host and resell them to their customers with some more services like web programming, web designing, management services etc.

Now the question arises why the primary hosts allow reselling? It is only to increase their sale. As there are many reseller hosting companies who provide different packages, so in order to remain in competition, hosting companies sell their services to resellers. Under this reseller web hosting, the primary host or the real host are able to make huge business and can deal with every individual client through resellers. Resellers are very important here, they perform a great task. They directly deal with the customers regarding their need and monthly rent. In this situation both remain in competition and gain profit. But the real provider or the primary host after all gains much than that of resellers.

Here the services offered by the intermediary host do not differ from the real provider in fact they may provide some extra services like web designing, management services to their customers which a real host can not offer. And these extra services which are provided by a reseller are only to remain in competition.

Today it is very easy to start a business like reseller web host. The real host through reseller provides better and extra services which other developed web host can not provide to their customers. The real host through this gets good business. Some times the host gets special relations with the corporate clients.
This also improves his business and he pays special attention over the site of that customer.

So if you need simple hosting services and you want that host should only keep an eye for designing of your site and programming, reseller is the best one for you.

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