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Cobranded Hosting
By Web Host Addict | Published  07/20/2006 | Web Hosting |
Cobranded hosting

There are many providers that offer cobranded services to their customers. Providers offer cobranded hosting by allowing their customers others domains names so that they can provide free hosting by using their services and software.


Cobranded Service:

There are many cobranded services but the services which are mostly used- Ocatch, Portland, Megagiga and some other services that break operation last year are Homestead and Muttle.


Ocatch is a cobranded hosting that does not give any technical support to its customers. This hosting company earns money from member pages by charging 40% of banner ads and 20 to 25% of full upgrade subscription after10 paid signups. The partners of this company are offered banner free web space so that they can host the domain name. You can customize the web page although they are made automatically. The services which you will get, you can email to all your customers; you can edit, create, suspend and also delete the user account. There are some more features that Ocatch offers are bandwidth handling and user signup. If you want to become the partner of Ocatch then you are required to pay $14.95 as monthly rent. If you have a domain then you can change the MX record for email. There are partners of Ocatch that provide free email services.


If you need free web hosting from Ocatch partners then you will get 100 MB space for domain, pop ups, bandwidth 600MB monthly, uploading of files through FTP, limit of file size 1MB, and unique password to protect files and scripts.


Other cobranded hosting service is Community Architect which provides free partnership, if you are in partnership with community architect then you will get 50% of banner space and some extra income if you choose any upgrade option from the three given. But if you want to enjoy premium partnership then you have to pay $49.95 as monthly rent. You can also get 100% possession of the banner space if you need.


If you need free web hosting from community architect then you will get 12 MB space for sub domains, ISML scripting, limit of file size 256KB, email services, bandwidth 512MB, and file uploading.


Where as if you have joined with Portland cobranded web hosting services then you will get the 15MB space, FILE size 2MB, 100MB bandwidth, file transfer through FTP, email facility,POP3 and MP3.


Megagiga cobranded web hosting offer cobranded hosting under their sub domains and also free web hosting. But if you are a customer of cobranded web hosting then it is must for you to rely on at least two services so as you can use free services.



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