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Cleaning of The Exim Mail Server Queue
By Web Host Addict | Published  07/19/2006 | Web Hosting |

Cleaning Process:

Sometimes you may require or need to clean up your mail queue which is on your server. If any of your email gets stuck then it causes the interruption in the process of mail flow and also it some times slow the process. And if the server performance gets down then you will face problem and surely your customers will complain to you. Now if any problem is coming then today check the mail queue. 

If you want to clean up your mail queue then follow the steps given below:



Just login on to your dedicated server through Ssh and move toward the root user.


If you want to clean the mail queue through the command line then type to your command line: exim –qff and your work will be done. If you want to do debugging for a detailed picture while cleaning the mail queue type the following command: exim –qff –d9.


If you are working on the cpanel server then you can clean up the mail server queue from the WHM control panel. Move or login to your WHM control panel and scroll down to “email”, then click on “manage mail queue” and then you will move to see the recent message in your mail queue. It doesn’t keep any matter if you read or look the message or delete the message or forward the message, the important thing is that for how long the message exists in you mail queue. This is to be considered because in some cases anything that exists more than 30 hours cannot be delivered, because if you want to delete or forward any message then it should not be older than 24 hours. In WHM you get the facility to delete one single message or all messages at one time as you wish.


So, if you want that your mail queue should run smoothly, you are required to do cleanup once in a day so that in future you avoid to face any trouble.


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