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CGI Web Hosting
By Web Host Addict | Published  07/17/2006 | Web Hosting |
CGI Hosting

Every site owner wants that he should provide some automated features to his site users and almost all the users want that they should surf the site that is fully loaded with automated features. And the sites which are fully automated are extremely communicative and have lot of users and customers and generate lot of money for the owner that run it. The features that are automated also provide easy usage of your site, smooth working, easy selling on internet and protection of password. If you need your site to be automated then there are many ways you can prefer for your site automation but the point that is necessary for all the methods is that you need server side scripting or client side scripting.



For web programming there are specially designed scripts written in language according to the program. And there are some scripts that are widely used. Mostly the client side scripts are written in java which is of course the widely used abd best programming language among all other languages used and other functions of site are completed by server side scripting and the widely used language for server side scripting are PERL, PHP an CGI. In CGI there are many features that can support your site with automation whereas PERL and PHP are new languages and are proffered by many site owners.


Shopping cart:

If you are having a site which involve sale items must have shopping cart feature enabled and the best sites prefer scripts written in CGI language. So if you have shopping cart script enabled then the best hosting for your site will be CGI as CGI can communicate well with most popular databases like MS Access, MYSQL, And not only this it can work smoothly on the operating system like windows, UNIX, LINUX and MACOS. This web hosting is also used for shipping cost calculations and for sales tax. But most of the sites owners also prefer shopping cart scripts written in PHP and PERL but many other functioning of carts are done in CGI scripts.


Form Managers:

The form which is filled by any customer for any purchase is managed by CGI hosting. All this process is done very smoothly, as the customer fills the form and press the ‘submit’ button CGI script starts working and sends the information in email or to the database where it can be easily viewed by the site owner.


Password Protection:

Most of the sites require registration and password for any user or customer or visitor as to access the pages of that particular site. This criteria is made for many motives like to track the new user for motivating him to do marketing, allowing postings on the message board, and for confirmation that the buyer has deposited the fees for the use of the site. So the automatic issuing of the passorwd and registration are safe if they are written in CGI scripts and most site owner have done it and prefer CGI scripting.


So you can now make decision that which script you will prefer if you have a site that is related to sale and marketing. For its features and automated functioning CGI scripts are preferred and there are many features that can be seen on the website if it has CGI scripts. There are many scripts that are coming in front like PERL and PHP and gaining lot of popularity but CGI web hosting is best than other one.

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