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Difference between Unlimited Bandwidth and Overselling
By Web Host Addict | Published  07/16/2006 | Web Hosting |

Do you need higher bandwidth? It is the hottest topics of web hosting industry. Giving more bandwidth by any provider, it not less than an adversity. No provider gives the message of “bandwidth exceeded” on any site. As the cleanup effort for network bandwidth is a long and difficult process.


Sadly, this risk every provider has to take. The function of web hosting business does not offer you to get rid of the risk, only you can diminish it according to your aptitude. Under this article I will tell you the connection between exceeded bandwidth claims and downtimes. Being a webmaster, you have the task to stable cost and risk before choosing any web hosting plan. Through this article you will get clear view of pros and cons of this big risk, so you can make more knowledgeable choice before choosing any web provider.


Boundless Bandwidth:

As there is so much cut throat competition in the grown market of web hosting, many providers put slogan of “unlimited bandwidth” so as to increase their business. This is nothing but a selling stunt of their hosting plans. Offer given by a hosting company “unmetered bandwidth” is nothing but a sales trait. The truth about it is that no web hosting provider can give you unlimited bandwidth; this is because it is actually limited.


I should be clearer here. The limitations I am telling you are almost inconceivable and can not be reached by any site. Any hosting company can offer you almost unlimited bandwidth so as to keep lawyers away. This is the real fact on which market works.


And more over bandwidth is a subject that is based on pocket. Firstly it covers the pocket of your provider then provider grabs your pocket. And over that if any provider give you more megabyte on more money, that much less profit he is able to make. Now you will ask me then how provider gives you higher bandwidth? I will give you the answer. This is because most of the sites use only a part of bandwidth given to them. If a provider is having many clients that is if many sites are on his server, the more easily he can tell how much bandwidth will be required and will really be used. And provider can remain in profit if in any of the month the traffic is balanced.


There are two points under this practice- firstly, if any provider is offering you to give unlimited bandwidth, it is not absolutely false or we can not reject the statement from the beginning. But it is also true we can not trust over the statement blindly. Secondly, if you are provided unlimited bandwidth and you are constantly using the bandwidth up to maximum extent to explode the bend you will be given a phone call from sales team of your hosting company to read clearly the agreement paper again and the offered bandwidth.



Unlimited bandwidth is a matter of pressure but the real pressure and threat is in the overselling of bandwidth. I will explain you the meaning of overselling, overselling means selling more bandwidth to your customers than you act have in reality. And make sure careless selling of bandwidth can lead to costly site missed or on temporary suspension.


Mostly web hosting companies are responsible for this misconduct. And to avoid the risk most web hosting provider check the use of bandwidth and make arrangements so that it should not be exceeded and every ones site remain up and in running position. If they do not do this then one web site can use the bandwidth of the other sites and make them blackout. And if it happens then it the mistake of the web host.


But one more fact is there, that is every provider is overselling the bandwidth. But most site owner asks me that if they choose the provider who offers limited bandwidth are they safe? What do you think? No, you are still not safe if you choosing a provider who is giving you limited bandwidth because he may provide you excessive bandwidth so you MAY face the problem, but if you choose the provider who is giving unlimited bandwidth you will SURELY face the problem.


Selection of Web Provider:

You should be careful while choosing a web provider. I will suggest you to choose limited bandwidth plan because many providers rudely shut down the site on the excessive use of bandwidth without any prior intimation. And if it happens it will be a costly deal. You may face a heavy loss as these providers charge high rent for unlimited bandwidth.


I am not making you afraid, I am only warning you to choose right web host. And same can happen if you choose the provider who is giving limited bandwidth. So choose right and good web host.


Don’t always get attracted towards the offers of these companies, move towards the reliable host. If are signed up with a low price plan provider then also you can face the problem. So get signed with a well established, reputed and reliable provider and then you will get a phone call before any mishap. The only thing you will face that you will be charged a little more than any other provider. I did not meant at all that if you choose a expensive host, you will not face a problem. I only mean if you choose a reliable host you will face minimum problems.


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