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How To Automate Your Web Hosting Business
By Web Host Addict | Published  07/14/2006 | Web Hosting |
Web Hosting Automation
Introduction: If you are dealing the online business you always need to be ahead and you can only be ahead if you have automated your hosting business. I will tell you some process that you should work on.

The most aggressive online business is the web hosting business. Hosting customers are more smart and intelligent in choosing the exact web host. Customer today need the best service and on time work. So to be on your customers mark and to remain growing and to remain forward you should automate your maximum work. I will tell you how you can become a smart web host provider.

Automated Billing Process:
Billing is the major aspect of your business as a host. Mostly customers need easy and fair process of billing and sufficient easy payment options while purchasing a hosting plan. And for this function you need an excellent billing method. A good host always has customized billing system which can accomplish their need. Most of the providers also use standard billing application which offers you many functions related to web hosting billing process. Some automated billing systems are:

•    Sign up:
The process of placing an order is usually managed by billing system. You can precede the job by automating domain registration, transferring of registration, making customized packages like SSL and Dedicated IP’s etc. The administrator of the billing application usually contains all the above options in order to built the form vigorously.

You can also automate the task of checking the fraud and preventing it. It is a great work if you are reliable web provider. There are many systems presented for the providers to check the fraud like Fraudcall is one of the system of detecting fraud, it works with your ordering system and is an automatic phone authentication system. One more system that is automated is fraudGuardian. It is a system which is API based and tells the fraud score on according to its real time. And this helps in gaining good customers and establishing business.

•    Process of Billing:
You have to pay monthly rent for hosting your site on a good provider’s server or on any provider’s server. Here you can automate creation of invoice, dispatch, and payment process of any gateway through any billing system discussed above. If you want batch processing or automatic payment processing you should accept only credit card system as automatic billing is connected with credit cards only. The commonly used online system for payment processing is paypal. Most of customers also prefer this suitable and hurdle free system. And with this system you can also do paypal payments as well as cancellation of any payment can also be done very easily.

•    Server management:
You can also be in touch with the server for different operations related to server like creation of any new account, handling accurate supply, deletion of any account and many more. It is done according to the billing status of the customer. With automation of the server you can also even suspend the account of any customer on non payment and reactivate the account on doing payment. To perform well this system works on corns.

To remain ahead and to fulfill all the needs of the customer on time you require an automated billing system and sign up process.

Here there is a little problem; you can not fully automate the support system as there is no particular pattern used for support. But no need to worry, I will tell you some points, and by following those points you can speed up your support system.

1.    Make a section of FAQ on your website and make it large as possible.
2.    Also give pop up tutorials on your site.
3.    Provide demonstration of control panel.
4.    Try to use auto responders so that your clients get assured that there query is delivered to you regarding support or any sales application.
5.    Also deliver respond time to your customer so as he may not disturb you again and again.
6.    You should also try to provide instant messenger to your customers.

You can achieve your goal of increasing your business and providing best services to your customers during tough competition in web market by following above given tips and of course through automating your maximum work with a small staff. This article will definitely help you in improving your online business.

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