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ASP Web Hosting
By Web Host Addict | Published  07/13/2006 | Web Hosting |
ASP Hosting

Introduction: ASP hosting stands for Active Server Pages. With this hosting any user can create and design its web page according to its wish and will with the help of server side scripting. The web page or interactive page is a massive collection of blogs, newsletters, calendars, web based emails, search engines, forums of users, polls, surveys, hit counters and many more.


ASP Hosting:

Now if you are concerned that how your web page will appear on other browser then get tension free from now onwards, use ASP hosting, with this your web page or site will appear same on all the browsers which is not possible with HTML.


Before you host your site it is very important for you to choose a host that must have a server that should support ASP, if you choose some other provider whose server does not read ASP scripts then your website will be useless. So when any time the customer requests for the web page that has .asp extension, hosting provider’s server should interpret the ASP script first in any program then it should be delivered to any other HTML data to browser.


ASP helps you to link your web page to a database through which any visitor can interact with the web page by logging inside and they can also use their own personal settings or they can interactively place order on to your site.


Before hosting your website please confirm from the provider that their server should support ASP and please do not assume by yourself that if the provider supports most of the web scripts so it will also support ASP. If you can not find whether the company is supporting ASP or not just go towards the FAQ’s of that company. But if you prefer any particular company and you are unable to find any information about ASP then contact that company via email or by any other medium.


ASP works smoothly on windows operating system so if you want to design your web page through ASP you will have to install on your system ASP server. Like if you have Microsoft personal web server with the package of windows you need not to pay any additional charges for that but if you do not have the particular program with your package then you need to add the program to your hard drive by using the windows software CD ROM or with the help of control panel as some times it does not include as the part of “basic install”. The same thing is done with ASP server, if it is not installed. ASP works very efficiently, if ASP file is sent from the web server on to your computer, firstly it will run HTML code and after that it will run ASP code.


There are some windows operating system that do not support ASP scripts, they           are Windows ME and Windows XP home edition but I hope that the forth coming Window vista should support ASP scripts.


If you do not have a pc that is windows based, Do not get worry, sun Microsystems has launched a program called chili!soft ASP that offers other server like red hat, apache, secure server and many other operating system like Linux, AIX, Solaris will support ASP hosting.

If you think that you can not work on ASP then do not get upset, writing and working over ASP is very easy, it is easy than HTML but not entirely different. On ASP you will find lots of web software tools that help you in creating designer and different web page as you want.


If you are using ASP or you are deciding to use it , you will come to know how multipurpose language is ASP and many providers and companies are adding ASP language in their package to promote their services and to remain ahead in the world of competition. With this article you will surely get some advantage before selecting any other hosting.

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