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How to Manage Your Staff
By Web Host Addict | Published  07/4/2006 | Internet |
Staff Management
If you doing the business of web hosting and if you are having some staff then you will be facing some problem due to your staff. But be liberal to your staff because your staff may be overloaded and may be working in your pressure and your clients also. And if your working staff will be in pressure definitely the quality of your service will get down. And due to the loss in services your clients can leave you and you may face heavy loss. So try to remove this from your business so as to give smooth running to your business healthy environment to staff and satisfied clients. But if your staff is over loaded and working under pressure then you need to motivate and manage your staff. Try to mould your staff according to you and tell them to do their work properly.

Here comes the difference between the great manager and an average manager. Great managers have the quality to motivate your staff on to their work and not make them feel overloaded and depressed. As any one who works in a particular environment and with same attitude needs some kind of motivation as to remain enthusiastic in their work.

If you want to motivate your staff and want that they should work with full vigor then you should know about the tendency of your staff that what they want, how they need to be awarded and what facilities they need to work without pressure. You can create the atmosphere of competition in your office among staff members. You can provide them some compensation, you can also some of days as to make them feel free with the hectic working, and you can also create a contest in your office like the best worker of the month. You can give some movie tickets on good working or any gift as to motivate them towards business. You should also be liberal and can give half day if it is needed by your employee. You can give type of reward like formal one, or you can make public the name of your employee who has done good work for the whole month. You can also give titles in your company to all your staff members. If you are getting no idea then you can simply increase their salary as their bonus or reward.

There are some employees also who need different type of motivation. You can give the rewards to your employees according to their need also. There may be most of your employees may not like same type of reward to be given. The office staffs who are married, you can offer them some less work or early leave so as he can maintain balance in work and family. You can also give some discount facilities or some loan offers as to motivate them towards their work. You can also help your staff members in buying some new vehicle or getting loan for their house or any thing big.

For giving rewards to your staff members you can prepare every year’s budget and you can keep some money for this work from your annual profit. You can offer rewards in limited resources if you are not a developed and established businessman. You should be creative and on going also. If some your staff member has worked extra for your customer then you can give him some cash check gift as reward. You can also appreciate him the office meeting any give his example to other staff members. There are so many plans you can follow but you need to check the correct one on the appropriate time.

But this is not the only thing you are required to do for your employees. Understand their needs and their requirements so that they should feel that you are concerned to them. You should make a habit to talk to your employees on regular basis. You can also arrange weekly team meetings so as to get the weekly result and to give motivation of hard work for the office. You should explain the need of the office and the requirement of the business or the task that are needed to be done; you can explain them to your office staff. And you can also distribute the same amount of work to each and every employee as the other one should not feel that he is overburdened with work. But you should make a strategy to achieve your business objectives and goals and should tell each and every employee about your task and goals of business. But be smart in selecting your employees so that you should not need much supervision for them and they should be hard working with efficient skills. The smart business man keeps his fingers on the pulse of his employees so as to attain profit and developed Business Empire.
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