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Domains Names: The Matter Of Knowledge
By Web Host Addict | Published  06/3/2006 | Internet |
Domain Names Guide
There are many businessmen’s who are doing online business and some are deciding to do the online business. But those who are now earning money and their business is established and flourishing day by day, in the initial phase of their starting they might have searched a lot about the good host and the services they will get and also the matters which should be considered before hosting the site. And there are many too who are going to start the business and are searching for some relevant information and good tips before starting the business. There are many sites that give information on the related topics but not on the other important aspects that should also be considered. In this article you will get near to the other important topic of domain names and their use and importance.

Multiple Domain Hosting:
You might be listening that some providers offer multiple domain hosting. Now you will be thinking that what is this multiple domain hosting, you will get the information, in very simple words it means that you buy an account and with the help of that account you have the ability to get multiple sites. Now if you purchase or get any plan from the provider to buy or use the five domain names then you can launch five websites on the server of the provider. Or you can use one domain name for your own website and you can sell the remaining domains to other clients and can become a reseller. In both the ways you will earn profit and this is the best use of multiple domain names and hosting.

Sub Domains:
Sub domains are the domains you can use alone to organize your site content these are also called ‘third level’ domains. They are simply the folders under the root directory of the site owner space, provided by the host on the server to the site owner and then the owner develops the root directory and the files he will made will be sub directories. But if you want to access them then you need a special URL. Like- is a URL without any sub domain whereas is an URL with the sub domain i.e. ‘feature’
Now here- .net is the first level domain
    Xyz is the second level domain
    ‘Features’ is the third level domain

Parking Of Domains:
If you are going to launch a website on the space provided by the provider and you have decided a domain name then you should purchase it from the domain registrar. You can purchase it before launching the site, the domain name is placed on the name server and you can use it afterward. And the placing of the domain name is called the parking of the domain name. If your sites content are not yet decided then also it is good to park the domain name before you start using it and this is safer for you as any one else can acquire that domain name in future if you have left it no not registered the desired domain name.

The Limit of the Domain Name:
When you register a domain name for you then it is registered for a minimum of one year, but you can register it for yourself for more years or as much you need it. There is no difficulty in the limit of the domain registration, you can use it for the years you need that domain name.

Domain Renewal:
Renewal of domain name is very important for you. After every one year you need to renew your domain name in order to maintain your website functioning without hurdle. But you need not worry about all these difficulties as when your domain registration moves near expiry your registrar will send you leftovers through email on the subject of the renewal of the domain.

If Domains Get Expired:
It happens some times that your domain name get expired due to work and busy schedule but  if your domain name get expired, you have to renew it with in one month but if you again leave the renew period then it goes into the redemption phase. Then it remains in it redemption phase for about 15 to 30 days and then it again appears as new domain name and comes in the market for again new purchase at normal price. But if the domain name is gone to the redemption phase then buying it is equal to the buying of fifty domain names as it cost around $180 to $200. So it is better to leave that domain name if it is in the redemption phase and then buy it when it is available in the market.

How to find the owner of the domain name:
If you want to find out the owner of the domain name then there is WhoIS option available on the internet for example go on to the search option and then type the domain name under the domain dossier and then you will get the registrant/domain’s owner/web host.

WhoIs Record:  
If you want to know the name of the owner of the domain name then you can move to internet and there move towards the WhoIs record because it is the search engine/internet program where you can find the name of the owner of the domain. You just need to fill the domain; network and host and then you will get the full information about the registrar, owner name, and the DNS record of the owner.

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