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Advantages of cPanel Web Hosting
By Web Host Addict | Published  06/13/2006 | Web Hosting |
Cpanel Hosting

The widely used software by most of the hosting companies is Cpanel. It is also called hosting control panel, and is sold due to its user-friendly attitude and provide more features than any other software. If you are a Linux host or provide a dedicated server then cpanel hosting will be very good for you to use. It manages your websites and facilitates it with different features. Due to this you can make required changes as you need and get no pressure for working over given atmosphere. Cpanel is also in demand due to its exceptionality and higher stability and availability of features. With its features you can manage email administration, addition or deletion of domains, you can check bandwidth, you can also view your visitorís information, and many more added features which are under one home.

If you go with Cpanel hosting account you can easily grip the total control over your website. So this gives you advantage to supervise your website without any hurdle. You can administer the task of managing your website, transferred through Cpanel as one of its feature and you can become the whole sole in charge of your website. With this feature you can manage your email, files, backup, FTP, and CGI scripts. You will be amazed to know that with Cpanel you can also handle hard skin jobs, you can look after your web directories, you can check the backup of your website, you can organize custom error pages, Arrange spam filters, you can also view your disk space, and can also setup a shopping cart. This much you can look alone by your self and can manage your website according to your need and requirement. Cpanel is the best software which provides you so much easy services to maintain your website as an owner.

Through Cpanel you get one more benefit that is you can install free ready to use scripts. This is software which is designed on three-level constitution through which you can fulfill the needs of a hosting with very easy process. If you have Cpanel on your server you do not need to look and read all the hundreds of commands of Linux to manage your server.

If you want to learn more about cPanel then you may purchase advanced cPanel Book "cPanel User Guide and Tutorial" from PACKT PUBLISHING. This book is designed to provide in depth information for anyone who needs assistance with cPanel web hosting control panel.

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